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Reusable grocery tote bags is dedicated to reducing the use of single-use plastic shopping bags. Low cost and convenience have contributed to a dramatic increase in the use of plastics over the last decade. The world wide usage of single use plastic bags may exceed 1 trillion bags per year*.

At, we are focusing on reducing the use of single-use plastic bags and encouraging the usage of reusable bags. By reducing the use of plastic bags, we can reduce the amount of plastics entering the environment and ease the negative impacts on wildlife.

There is a great deal of debate over the effectiveness of a total plastic bag ban. We believe that plastic like anything else is best used in moderations and then recycled. We believe "single use" when related to shopping bags is an irresponsible use of resources. This is especially true when bags are not recycled.

The recent California ban on plastic bags is a noble attempt to address a bad habit of California's consumers. There is no question that this effort took a monumental effort and will do a great deal of good. would like to thank everyone for their help in making this happen. None the less, there are several things that could make this new law more effective:
  • Continue offering plastic bags with a deposit
    Prior to the California bag ban, consumers were topically given plastic or paper bags free of charge. ` Now, plastic bags have been removed from most grocery stores and if you've forgotten your plastic bag, you can purchase a paper bag for ten cents or a more expensive reusable bag. If these larger paper bags or newly purchased reusable bags are actually reused, then that is an improvement. If not, the amount of waste entering the landfills is greater.
  • Use proceeds from paper bags to educate the public or improve local recycling
    Proceeds from the ten cent charge for each paper bags purchased at grocery store should go to a program to help educate the public about waste and improve the recycling industry. Currently, the ten cents charged for paper bags stays at the grocery store as a new profit. This is not an incentive for stores to encourage customers to bring in reusable bags. An educational program or investment in the recycling industry would be so much more effective.
  • Start a plastic bag deposit/redemption program similar to aluminium cans and plastic bottles.
    If grocery stores took a ten cent deposit on plastic bags and directed those funds towards a plastic bag redemption program, we would instantly have tens of thousands of people returning bags for a deposit. Those are bags that would not end up in the landfill. If you charged ten cents and paid 5 cents for the bag upon return, that would leave 5 cents per bag to fund the redemption program and create new jobs.
Let's use these ideas to implement a national bag ban that not only reduces single bag usage, but also educates and provides a financial incentive to recycle!

What can be done to slow the use of plastic bags?
  • Support programs that require a refundable deposit on plastic bags
  • Educate yourself and others on plastics and how they can damage the environment
  • Refuse plastic bags
  • Reduce your use of plastic bags
  • Reuse plastic bags
  • Recycle plastic bags
  • Buy reusable bags and use them
  • Tell your friends about the problems with plastics

Watch more fun and educational videos about plastic bags.

We welcome your comments below. We would like this to be a place for a civil discussion for both sides of the plastic bag debate. There is nothing wrong with conflicting arguments on this topic, if you can back up your statements. But, please be respectful of others despite your conflicting opinions.